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The Hazlewood Act, a benefit exclusively for Texas veterans, was named after Grady Hazlewood (1902-1989) who was a member of the Texas State Senate from 1941 to 1971, representing District 31 in the Panhandle. He was known as a shrewd and likable country lawyer adept at procuring passage of his bills. Senator Hazlewood worked for passage of legislation establishing the first program in any state that permitted tuition-free education at Texas colleges and universities for returning World War II veterans. Texas veterans have benefited from the Hazlewood Act ever since.


Use the information below to determine your path, download documents, and bring to MSSC as part of your Certification Process.

Hazlewood New Students

Did you enter military service at a location in the state of Texas? Or did you enter military service outside of Texas, but have a designated home of record in the state of Texas at that time? If so, you may qualify for Hazlewood for Veterans benefits. Once your application is submitted, an MSSC Hazlewood representative will review it in the order in which it was received.

Hazlewood Returning Students

Hazlewood benefits will be posted on your account along with financial aid, approximately 2 weeks prior to the semester. Students can check Pete's Payment Options at http://sbs.utep.edu

Hazlewood Legacy (Child Only)

Are you the biological, adopted or step-child of a Texas veteran? Will you be 25 years of age, or younger on the first day of the next semester you plan to attend? If so, you may qualify for Hazlewood Legacy benefits. Hazlewood Legacy can only be given to one child at a time. If a veteran wishes to transfer Legacy benefits from one child to another, in addition to all other required documentation, they need to fill out the Legacy Revocation Form.

Hazlewood Dependents

Are you the spouse or eligible child of a Texas veteran who became 100% disabled for the purposes of employability or died as a result of service-related injury or illness? If so, you may qualify for Hazlewood Dependents benefits.


All Hazlewood students must make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the institution's financial aid policy. This applies to:

    • Veterans
    • Legacy recipients
    • Children and/or spouses of disabled veterans

If a Hazlewood student has unsatisfactory academic progress, he/she must complete a term without Hazlewood and meet SAP to be reinstated. This does not apply to children or spouses of veterans killed in action, missing in action, or who died due to a service-related illness or injury.